Work experience

Front-end Engineer @ GWI

Mar 2022 - Present

Building new microfrontends and features for the platform using React, Typescript and Single-spa
Revamping and expanding the platform's in-house UI library in Storybook including documentation, accessibility enhancements, and an enhanced developer experience
Achieving an 85% codebase test coverage across multiple repositories using Jest and React-testing-library and Cypress
Optimizing and extending existing code improving performance and readability
Effectively collaborating in agile methodologies with stakeholders to achieve our goals

Freelance Software Engineer

Aug 2023 - Present

Developing a full stack e-commerce with custom CMS and payment integration using Next.js, Typescript, Stripe, Redux-toolkit, React-query, PrismaORM, TailwindCSS
Developed full stack gym website including blog and newsletter management for admins using Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, PrismaORM, Next-auth, React-quill, and Resend.